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Nynäs Rökeri is founded by Kent Boart and become an authorized primary receiver in Nynäshamn for commercial fishing.

In 2004
Kent Boart is awarded entrepreneur of the Year in Nynäshamn.

In 2010
This year Nynäs Rökeri was awarded the Year 2010 Tourism promoter.

In 2013
Nynäs Rökeri received the 2013 Store of the year award in Nynäshamn.

“It feels like i’m not there when i am working with other things”

At a young age Kent followed his father fisherman Johan and brother Ove on Fishing trips and transportation between the islands of the archipelago.

Caspana was the name of Johan’s boat which later sank during a storm at Öregrund when Kent and John fished.

The fishing was a matter of heart for Kent who sought to commercial fishing school for fishing & merchant in Kungshamn where he graduated in 1970 and got a scholarship.

At that time it was difficult to get by just on fishing if you didn´t own your own boat, so Kent sought out restaurant Nynas Krog as a chef apprentice in order to supplement his finances, cooking was one of his major interests besides fishing. After a period as chef apprentice Kent wanted to broaden his horizons and took courage and wrote a letter to Tore Wretman personally and searched apprenticeship at Stallmästargården and got the job.

He did fishing on his spare time,  but after a couple of years Kent longed  out to sea again:

It feels like i’m not there when i am working with other things
he expressed to his good friend Kåre who later also fished with Kent for many years.

Fishing was first done with minor boats and then with Saga SM 17, I quote a good friend: hard work, good food and a lot of humor made us who we were onboard and we enjoyed working with Kent. I think many agree that’ve fished with Kent.

The golden years “Cod fishing in Bråviken” when cod was superfluous and Kent worked hard with fishing buddies from Ålö and Nynäshamn.
Kent took extra work in the Rural Area as a boatman at the pilot station where he eventually worked full time shifts for a few years and fished in free time.

The first smokehouse, Tottnäs Smokehouse, was started by Kent with two companions.

In 1986 the smokehouse Nynas Rökeri was started and also becomes the primary recipients in Nynäshamn on fish.

The same year he starts a Catering Department and cooperates with Sven and Siv Björkqvist that operates charter boats Öja and Flora, which Kent later takes over with a partner.

Kent is also one of the driving forces of the annual Harbour Festival in the harbor running for many years.

He runs the restaurant Kroken (now under new management). The restaurant competes in the archipelago’s best restaurant and gets 3rd in Kent’s years as a restaurateur.
The Smokehouse Nynäs Rökeri and fish store is expanded and adapted the EU standards.

This year Kent was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year with the reason:

– The owner of Nynäs Rökeri and Restaurant Kroken has been awarded Entrepreneur of the Year. Kent Boart is an asset for both the municipality and the hospitality industry, he helps to attract tourists and create jobs in the community and by allowing artists exhibiting at the restaurant he also promotes the local culture industry.

Kent is driving his last cruise with Flora in May 2010 (privately) 59 years old.

Nynas Rökeri now lives on in Kent’s spirit with the help of his daughter Niki with family, and great employees.

Thank you Kent for all the years as a friend and being the one who saw and gave his  time to everyone. As a father, as a manager, as an inspiration, a mentor, a good storyteller, for making delicious food and being a good friend, and for always being a courteous and honorable gentleman.

Thank you Kent!

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