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We work for sustainable fisheries
and environmental tagged fish primarily, with subject to availability.
We are a small smokery with the goal of high quality.


Monday – Friday
07:00 to 15:00

About the Smokery

In the smokery our smokemasters work to refine fish. In the smokehouse kitchen we produce sauces & pickled herring.
We graves Salmon, and boil seafood to the fish shop and the eatery “Kökeriet”.In our assortment we have a selection of our Gross Goods and what we produce.
We always try to adapt product range according to your wishes as far as we can in our production and operations.
We are a small smokery with the goal of high quality.

In our business, we work for sustainable fisheries, and environmental tagged fish primarily with subject to availability.

As the first recipient of Fish in the immediate area, we receive and buys fish from local fishermen, the fish weighed and classified by us and reported to the Sea and Water Authority.
The fish is sold in our Fish shop and we refine some ourselves, at higher catches it is sold on to the wholesaler in Stockholm.
We are also MSC certified, and as the first Smokehouse in Sweden on smoked shrimp.


MSC Nr: MSC-C-53884

Thank you for choosing seafood that meets the MSC international standard for a well-managed and sustainable fishery. Together we can help each other to protect fish stocks for the future.

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